World Engineering Day 2021

World Engineering Day 2021

Happy World Engineering Day!

Our leadership recognizes our engineering and technology professionals for the incredible work they do everyday to move Yext forward in our mission to connect billions of people around the world with answers to their questions.

World Eng Day postcard

While no one would say that this past year was an easy one, our Technology teams might have made you think otherwise based on the transformational work they were able to do for Yext. Despite the challenges of a global pandemic and a full year of remote work, our technology teams managed to complete 297 major initiatives throughout the year.

Particularly notable is the work our engineers undertook to help Yext customers deal with COVID-19. As the pandemic spread and businesses needed ways to inform their customers of temporary location closures, we quickly added support for specifying temporary closures and re-open dates within a company’s Knowledge Graph. Along with this, we took on the high urgency initiative to give customers access to COVID-related fields at Google, Apple, Yelp and other publishers.

Outside of our day-to-day work, our team stayed connected and enjoyed each other’s virtual company, courtesy of Zoom. We may not have been able to gather in person for our usual events and offsites, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time together!

We celebrated our wins together with plenty of virtual dinner parties and happy hours.

VA wine tasting photo

And we tried our hand at some new skills, from pasta-making to painting. We even had some very special guests at one of our teams’ meetings!

Painting photo

Puppy photo

As we look back on the year, we are thankful for the support of our teammates and leadership to get us through what some have called “unprecedented times.” In all seriousness, Yext could not be where it is today without the substantial contributions of our talented Technology and Consulting organizations. We thank you for all of your work, and we look forward to everything we’ll do together in 2021.

Happy Engineering!