Viva Las Vegas

Six of us from the engineering team just got back from a trip to Vegas. The trip was a ton of fun, including an amazing team dinner at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon, the new Criss Angel show Mindfreak, and a trip to the aquarium at Mandalay Bay. It also included the standard fare of time at the pool and gambling.

At the Venetian pool

It all started in the fall of 2010. Yext Calls was doing pretty well, but we had noticed other opportunities in the local space that we thought would be much more significant. It was going to be a major undertaking, and was close to building a whole new business inside of Yext. The engineering team at the time was about 15 people, and I promised to take everyone to Vegas if we hit $100 million a year in revenue run rate. It was great to spend the weekend with 5 friends who have done so much to help build Yext into the great technology company it is over the last 6 years. While most of our work was focused on individual contribution at the time, everyone has grown in talent and responsibility over that time.

Kevin Caffrey and Rob Figueiredo both came to Yext after a few years of work in industry, Kevin from Microsoft and Rob from Google. As the team has grown they have both taken on key roles. Kevin, our Principal Software Engineer, has driven much of the R&D for the engineering team, and is working on building the first couple teams of engineers outside of New York in our Virginia office. Rob, our VP of Engineering, oversees a good portion of the team and is driving much of our process and code quality improvements.

Austin Chu, Manoj Kintali, and Joel Stein were all part of our first class of hires directly out of college. While they all had great internships prior to Yext we were their first full time jobs. They have each developed a huge amount in both technical knowledge and managerial and leadership skill, and all of them have overseen projects, teams, and key pieces of software.

Thanks for everything Kevin, Rob, Austin, Manoj, and Joel - we wouldn’t be here without you.