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Happy New Year!

Besides going to the gym, reading more books, and spending more time with family & friends, Yext Engineering rang in 2016 with another commitment: to give back more to the technology community online that we benefit so much from. As part of that, we are starting a blog!

Welcome to the Yext Engineering blog!

We hope to use this space in the coming months and years to share interesting tidbits that our engineers encounter along the way. Some posts will be as simple as TIL (a “thing I learned”), some will describe best practices for software development that we’ve converged upon, and others will dive into a part of our system design.

We will also not shy away from covering the “soft” parts of building an engineering team, like effective social events, how we interview, and how we stay on the same page as the number of teams multiplies.

As a voracious reader myself, I am excited to start contributing to the online dialogue with our experience of working at a rapidly growing technology company and the challenges we’ve faced. It should be a fun and interesting ride for everyone involved!

If you have any feedback on the blog, please feel free to reach out to eng-blog@yext.com