Global Day of the Engineer 2019

Happy Global Day of the Engineer!

As usual, we gave all our engineers a shoutout at our company-wide all hands. More importantly, we got a great excuse to get some snacks and new swag. We ordered a few hundred chicken nuggets and got some new windbreakers, courtesy of our marketing team.

The Virginia engineering team.

One question we often get asked is what it’s like being on the Yext engineering team. A big part of our culture is being able to kick back and have some fun. In the office, it’s pretty common to find engineers eating together or playing a board or video game (usually smash). Out of the office, our favorite activities include playing soccer, shooting some pool, and late-night karaoke.


In addition to this, we also have monthly engineering events! Each month, both of our engineering offices will go out to some local venue and hang out for the evening.

Our January 2019 event was VR world, a space with several VR games to play.

Aditya boxing at VR World.!

Twice a year, we’ll have an offsite as our event. For those, we get all the engineers together and spend a few days on both educational and recreational activities. If you’ve dug through our old posts, you might’ve come across Sean’s post on our Spring 2016 Puerto Rico offsite.

In Spring 2018, we went to Newport, Rhode Island. Among other things, we had a day of engineering talks followed by dinner at a local vineyard.

Bowman giving a presentation.

Engineers at the vineyard.

At our last offsite, we went to Charleston, South Carolina. Here’s a few engineers taking a cooking class.

Engineerings at a cooking class.

Happy engineering!