Global Day of the Engineer 2018

Happy (slightly belated) Global Day of the Engineer! We celebrated yesterday by getting cupcakes for all of our engineering teams.

Cupcakes! More cupcakes!

We also got some new swag: Yext engineering hats and team stickers! Each engineer got a hat and a custom sticker with their team logo.

Yext engineering swag.

Additionally, the engineers all got a shoutout today at Manifesto, our company all-hands meeting. Tom, our CTO, shared a little bit about what each of our engineering teams is responsible for.

Tom also announced the start of our Engineering Nuggets program—over the next month, engineers will be giving bite-sized presentations on different parts of our systems and tech stack. These will include topics ranging from how we use Elasticsearch to how we ensure that our Pages product is served reliably throughout the world.

The Virginia team. The NYC team.

Happy engineering!