Nicholas Cassleman

Front-end Developer

Nicholas joined Yext in Feburary 2015 after a batch at the Recurse Center where he dug deeper into JavaScript than recommended by the FDA. Before that, he studied game design at the University of Chicago. He lives in Brooklyn, is a member of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and is frequently spotted doing handstands.

  • The Strange Loop Scoop

    As part of Yext's Learning is Good program, a pair of developers headed to Strange Loop, a multi-disciplinary conference of computer technology. Learn about the conference and see their favorite sessions.

  • Closures, Up Close

    Closures are a powerful tool that leverage some of JavaScript's more obscure features. By exploring these features—execution contexts and the scope chain—closures become easier to conceptualize, write, and debug.

  • jQuery: The Good Parts

    jQuery has made the lives of many web programmers much easier, but failing to understand some of its nuances can lead to code that is less performant and more difficult to maintain. This post explains some of the library's potential pitfalls and ways to avoid them.

  • Ajax's Odyssey

    AJAX requests contain many distinct pieces that can be difficult to navigate and debug. Follow the adventures of one mythological AJAX bug and how it was conquered.

  • Comparing Type Checks in JavaScript

    As an untyped language, JavaScript necessitates dynamic type checking. To strictly enforce type for every variable would hamper much of the language’s power, but when necessary, understanding the different ways to check type will make our programs better. There are many ways to type check in JavaScript, and I will...